Africa on the web?

I must admit that when it comes to what’s going on in my own country (South Africa) and on the continent it’s on (Africa) I like alot of South African’s am rather oblivous.

Yes I watch the news on TV, read news papers etc. But I never realised that there are alot of inventions, technology and cool things going on. Perhaps it’s because the news only reports on the bad things and never on the good things or maybe it’s because we’re more interested in what’s going on in Europe and America and the rest of the world and forget about Africa as it’s the “Dark Continent” that nothing comes from.

So it was rather suprising while reading the Make Zine blog that they link to story about someone in Africa who repairs vehicles with very little tools, How to rebuild an alternator in Africa. It was from this page that I made one of those serendipous voyages across the web as I read more and more websites written by people in Africa and mostly about the things they build, repair and invent and general life out here.


AfriGadget – Solving everyday problems with African Ingenuity.
Timbuktu Chronicles – Showcases African Techonology, Inventions, Business and Entrepeneurship. Awesome site with lots of links to othersites.
White African
the African Uptimist
Mental Acrobatics
Kikuyumoja’s Dream
Most of the people who write the above sites are in Kenya, but still it’s pretty cool finding African Websites that are interesting.