WordPress 2.7

Today I upgraded Stuff.za.net’s wordpress install to the latest release.

This new release is awesome, the admin system is unbelievably cool, looks really nice. I haven’t found tons of new features, but everything has been nicely improved. I haven’t found any major problems, as usual I updated the K2 theme I use. I’ve also installed and enabled the Akismet plugin so that I can hopefully stop all my spam comments, 8000+ spam comments since I launched this website.

I’ve also installed the “Twitter for WordPress” plugin, you’ll see it on the right under “Dale on Twitter”. I’ve done a tiny bit of customising and made it go to my Twitter user when you click the title. I’m still not totally happy with it as it is, if you know of a plugin for WordPress for handling Twitter leave a comment.

As usual if you think something is broken leave a comment for that too.

The screen shot below shows what the new wordpress admin interface looks like.