Firefox 4

Yesterday I upgraded to the new Firefox 4…

I must say that it does look nicer than the old Firefox, unfortunately a little out of place on my Windows XP desktop but not too bad. Unfortunately it feels very sluggish, switching between tabs is rather slow and so is scrolling in pages. The worst though is that any longish textarea like the comment boxes in Facebook and the WordPress “Add New Post” page is very slow. On some pages I’m able to type about 10x faster than its able to put the characters on the screen.

I’m still not sure if loading of pages is faster and if there is a speed up in the Javascript engine I haven’t noticed it yet.

For the moment I’m going to give Firefox 4 a good chance to redeem its self and use it for a few more days… If I don’t grow to love up I’m switching back to Firefox 3 or moving over to Google Chrome.