About Stuff

I’ve always wanted a place that I could put “stuff”, a place that would become my dumping ground for my thoughts, discoveries and anecdotes from my life and the lives of those around me.

This is not a blog, a journal or anything like that. This site is not going to have any type of formal layout. It’s my “stuff” folder, a place I can store the notes that I scribble down, the crazy thoughts I had in the shower or the strange things I discover as I wonder through both the online and the offline world. I hope someone finds them useful or perhaps even entertaining.

These are my thoughts and my opinions not those of my firends, family, employer, goverment officials or anything like that. I also feel that I should point out that the things written on these pages should not be taken out of context or the time and place that they were written should be ignored. I know anything I put on the internet may one day come back to haunt me but I do feel the need to point out that I may have changed considerably since writing anything on this site.

Otherwise I welcome you to my online home… I know it’s a bit messy, I know there are dustbunnies hiding under the couch and that sometimes things won’t make sense. But please enjoy your stay and above all have fun.
[The author and tamer of the dustbunnies.]