I’ve joined a cult.

I’ve been initiated into the cult of the mac and as they say “Once you’ve gone mac you don’t go back.” or something like that. I’ve finally purchased an Apple Computer, My first an Apple Mac Mini Core Solo and a Apple Pro Keyboard. Read on too see why and what I think.

So why did I buy one.. or perhaps why did I wait so long?

I’ve been eyeing them for a while and when Apple released the new Mac Mini’s I had finally seen an affordable Apple that would be perfect to buy to play around on and learn Mac OSX. Part of my reasoning behind buying an apple is that I would like to learn more about coding on them and also to see what all the fuss is about.

I must say that so far I’ve really enjoyed the “experience” I’ve only had the apple for about 3.5hours but have already fallen in love with it. The strange thing is that it starts from the minute you open the box that the computer arrives in. It’s incredibly well packaged, almost “artfully” done, you almost want to put the packaging on display. The build quality is incredible and it so quiet is unbelievable.. if it wasn’t for the tiny light I wouldn’t even know it’s on. I also got one of those apple keyboards, because the keys on my old keyboard had started to stick since I was buying the apple I might as well buy the keyboard too. It’s actually a very nice keyboard… not too bad to type on and feels rather solid. Biggest problem is getting used to it because up till now most of of my time is spent typing on a laptop keyboard or my old Microsoft Natural Keyboard, but I’m getting better at typing on it by the minute.

This is the biggest reason for buying the mac is to get a look at the operating system and a chance to play with it for an extended length of time. (I’ve played with it in the shops but it’s not the same…) Mac OSX is based on a Unix core which is really cool… it’s nice being able to drop to a shell prompt and actually use unix commands.. Mac OSX is easy to use and actually quiet nice, Apple have gone out of there way to make it look nice so theres lots of flying windows, bouncing icons and other visual effects. I’ve only had the machine a couple of hours and already tweaked various bits and pieces, configured the networking, started updating the software and switched on tabs in Safari. I’ve also worked out how to install software, played with the dashboard and downloaded a few widgets. Which is not too bad for something I’ve only played with for about 2hours. I still want to play with all the cool networking stuff that I’ve heard so much about but that’s going to have to wait till tomorrow.

So why do I say I’ve joined a cult ?
Every met a mac user? If you have I don’t have to explain why I say I’ve joined a cult, if you have I suggest you go wonder round some of the mac sites on the web and you’ll quickly see why I say this. Apple users are not just users, they’re “fans”… They get extremely worked up if you say anything bad about an Apple product or company… will queue for weeks outside a store waiting for a new product launch and practically “worship” the ground that Steve Jobs walks on. Now I haven’t quiet gone that far yet… I will admit that all the fuss was enough to get me interested in trying an Apple out… and so far I’m really glad I have.

A little sidenote:
I didn’t buy my apple from your typical dealer in a mall, or from an apple shop or online. I bought mine from the strangest place… and one of the last places I ever expected to buy an Apple Computer… from Apple counter at Woolworths in the Willowbridge mall. It didn’t cost much more than if I had bought it online (about R200) the difference is I could walk out with it then and there… no waiting. Oh and I really want one of those black t-shirts the apple lady was wearing….

My desk, see if you can spot the mini. (Hint: It’s next to the screen.)
Closeup picture of the mini.