Enjoy looking at pictures/photos…

So want to waste some time? Enjoy looking at pictures/photos? Ever heard of flickr?

Flickr is kinda weird it’s a sortof gallery for your photos, the idea is people take their photos and other artwork and pictures of everyday life stick it on flickr and then allow other people to comment on it, put them in sets and generally discuss or show off the pictures.

I’m not much of a “shutterbug”, in general I don’t take good photos but I do enjoy looking at them. I’ve been spending alot of time clicking about looking at everything from peoples gardens, to random gatherings of people (office parties, birthdays etc) to houses and just random pictures. This may sound a bit weird but it’s actually alot of fun to sit there and flick through a bunch of pictures that some one somewere wanted to share, they don’t always mean anything to me but you every now and then come across something that’s really “cool”. I’ve seen houses that I like, awesome gardens, majestic trees and cool gadgets and inventions.

So next time you want to kill some time and peer into other peoples lives a little try Flickr