George, Travelling, Snow !!

So I haven’t exactly been keeping this site up todate I am sorry. Unfortunately I’ve been rather busy lately and haven’t felt like writing anything…

So this weekend a friend and I went back to George for a short visit.

While travelling back on Sunday (23/07/2006) we took the “back route” via the N1 and the tunnel. It had been raining most of the weekend and some snow had fallen on the higher points of the mountains on Friday and Saturday night so we got to see some awesome sites.

These pictures were taken with my cell phones camera, a Sony Ericsson V800 which has a 1.3megapixel camera. As usual it doesn’t do low light very well and the fact that we were moving at about 100km/h meant that the pictures are slightly blury. What you are supposed to see in the pictures is snow on the mountains just outside Worcester.

I must say even though the pictures are of horrible quality they do still show what a beautiful country South Africa is.

Snow & MountainsMountains & SnowSnow & MountainsMountains & SnowMountains & SnowMountains & SnowSnow & Mountains