Link Dump – 30/07/2006

Here are a few links I’ve run across over the last few days that I found interesting or useful. I’m putting them up here so that they don’t get lost.

Upside-Down-Ternet – explains how to route traffic through a squid proxy server that turns all the pictures upside down.

Ubuntu Blog – A blog that I found that has some useful info about ubuntu.

EasyUbuntu – Installs all the “missing” codecs, apps and tweaks that you always want on a new ubuntu installation. (like mp3 support, divx playback, dvd etc.)

Geek Technique – Weird site with lots of “geeky” stuff on it like adding wifi to old ibooks or to apple eMate’s.

ThinkWiki – IBM Thinkpad wiki, gives tons of info on installing and configuring linux on IBM thinkpads. (Possible usefull for other laptops aswell.)

Diggination Photo – an albumn of some really cool photos taken by Jeffrey Klassen, also gives details about how he sets everything up to take the cool photos.

The world’s most photo-realistic vector art – A blog entry that has a bunch of links to people’s sites and tutorials on vector art. (Very cool)

Other Vector Art Links (From the above page)
Creative Bush
highside’s lab
Bert Monroy
Eby Paidrick
Gradient Mesh Tutorial (Creative Bush)