Cool Programs for Cell Phones

I don’t like cellphones, there screens are too small they don’t have full qwerty keyboards and normally the only people who call my phone (during the day anyway) are people I really don’t actually want to talk to.

That all said there are a few cool programs that you can download for your cellphone (if it supports J2ME) that make it a little bit more useful.

The one application is call MXit and is actually written nearby in Stellenbosch (who would’ve thought?) it’s a cool instant messaging client that allows you to send messages to other MXit users, MSN users and GoogleTalk/Jabber users. (It probably does more but I can’t remember them now.) Because it uses GPRS to send the messages it’s actually cheaper than sending SMS’s and because you can “chat” to people on other networks it’s a great fun program to sit and chat to friends and co-workers from queues and meetings.

The other program I like alot on my phone is the Opera webbrowser, the browser that comes with my cell phone (Sony Ericsson V800) isn’t that great at doing non-wap enabled sites and tends to be rather slow at rendering pages. Opera on the other hand is very fast, easy to use and does a very good job of re-formatting websites so they fit on small screens. I use Opera alot to check my mail (on Gmail) browse digg and other sites and read the news, I normally do this while I’m waiting for someone or standing in queues.