New Toy

Last weekend Tafelberg Furnishers were having a sale on a Samsung 27″ LCD TV (Model: LA27T51)

So I decided to finally buy a TV as it was a very good price.

It’s a very nice TV, not too big and not too small. Currently I have my Mac Mini plugged up to it so that I can use Front Row to play DVD’s and other movies off my network. The other nice thing about it is that it isn’t too bad a LCD monitor either. It does support HDTV resolutions which is a plus unfortunately it doesn’t have HDMI connectors only DVI but thats ok as I probably only use a computer (through the analogue VGA connection) or perhaps a DVD player through the RGB connections.

The built in speakers don’t sound that bad although I wouldn’t mind a little more bass and its not a very ugly TV either.

Here are a few pictures of my current setup. (Mac Mini, couple of DVD’s and the Keyboard and mouse.) Nothing spectacular at the moment.