Snakes & Ladders – Trying to Learn Python Part 1

Been getting a bit bored with the whole C# .NET thing and decided to take a stab at learning a new language.

It’s not that I don’t like C# I really do like it, but I spend all my time working in it at work and I never really get to “fool around” in it. So I decided to learn something new, something that is very far removed from anything I use at work.

Why Python? Well because Ubuntu & Canonical use it alot, because Blender uses it, because Google Uses it, because it’s cool and because it’s not the flavour of the month, (Which is Ruby at the moment, in case you’re wondering.)

All my computers have Python installed, mainly because Ubuntu uses it alot and because Blender uses it so it sortof gets installed along with all the other bits and pieces.

Finding some kind of editor to use was a bit of a challange, I currently don’t really have a favourite editor on my linux machine so I decided I would give Eclipse & pyDev a try. Otherwise I guess I’ll go back to Jedit or perhaps even bluefish or gedit. The advantage Eclipse & PyDev have for someone who’s learning python is auto-completion which makes learning a new langauge alot easier.

So if you’ll excuse me I’m going to start reading lots of “Idiots guides to…”, Tutorials and various other sites about exactly how to code in python.