Trip to Mosselbay..

Some friends and I took a trip out to Mosselbay for lunch and ended up spending a few hours chatting, driving round and taking a short walk round parts of Mosselbay.

dsc00148.JPGdsc00149.JPGdsc00147.JPGWe had lunch at Delfino’s which is right on the ocean and you have wonderful views of the waves breaking on rocks, also got to see a small school of dolphins.

dsc00154.JPGdsc00153.JPGdsc00152.JPGWe took a walk up towards the Light House and saw a few dassies that were there. In the photo on the far left you can see the “chief” dassie that was looking down on the others.
Below are some photo’s from halfway up where there is big cave that’s been carved out of the rocks by the sea centuries ago. Below are some pictures taken from the entrance to the cave and from various places along the way.

The guy standing alone is a friend, Renier and the other two are Coenie and his girlfriend Sunelle.
These pictures were taken from the car as we drove round Mosselbay.

Mosselbay has got lots of great old stone buildings that are still standing and being used as shops and restaurants. I really do wish I could spend more time in the town and wonder about.
The trip to Mosselbay was a great way to spend a day off and I it was awesome to spend some time with my friends and sit around and chat about “stuff”.
All these pictures were taken with my Cellphone (Sony Ericsson w850i) it was a sort of spur of the moment trip so I didn’t have my Sony Digital camera with me.