Anyone know where I can find one of these Pens?

Unknown PenI have this pen that I really like, they were given away free at a “Dog Food Seminar” (No I’m not joking… and no I don’t own a dog. They had good free “people” food so I went.) Now I realise that it’s pink which counts against it but it writes really well and is comfortable to use and I like it, no matter what colour, race or religious preference it may be.

The problem is that the back round plunger thingie (technical term) tends to break off in a way that it can’t be glued on anymore. So I now have 2 of these broken pens that don’t work and I would like to get a replacement pen because I like them so much, preferable in something other than pink. But I can’t find them… admittedly I haven’t looked that hard but I haven’t seen them in any of the stationary sections of the local stores.

So I thought I would use the power of the internet to find them for me. The only wording on the pen that I can find is “Germany” which is engraved on the metal pocket clip and “airgrip” (I think thats what it says) which is written round the rubber grip. If you’ve seen one of these or similar pens somewhere or perhaps know who makes them please leave a comment and let me know.

Unknown PenUnknown Pen