Pics of our Flat

So a few weeks ago I moved in with a friend (Ryan) into a flat, because of this I’ve been without Internet until the ADSL line went in. The flat is a ground floor, two bedroom flat in Boston, near Tyger Valley Capetown.

So now without further delay here are the pictures of the flat.

Front Door (from the inside)
Front Door


Lounge 3Lounge 2Lounge 1

Enclosed Porch (“Stoep”)


Bathroom 2Bathroom

The most awesome shower rose I’ve ever had in a shower.

Bathroom 3


Kitchen 2Kitchen 1

Main Bedroom (Ryan’s)
He’s got the bigger room, he also keeps it a lot neater than mine.
Main Bedroom 1 Main Bedroom 3 Main Bedroom 2
2nd Bedroom (Dale)
My room, its a little small because of the cupboards so I can’t set up my desk.
2nd Bedroom 22nd Bedroom 12nd Bedroom 3