Facebook Friends

As if I don’t have enough things sucking up my free time, I’ve now been bitten by the Facebook bug. Yes that’s right I’m one of those people now sending out those annoying emails to all my friends asking begging them to acknowledge me as a friend.

Social networking software/websites are rather interesting, how you suddenly start tracking down people that you haven’t heard from or seen for years. You suddenly discover that a friend from high school is now sitting in London or that a girl in your primary school class is now incredibly *hot*. The big problem of course is that maintaining your friends list and keeping up with whats happening in there lives becomes almost a full time job, I’ve already spent a few hours going through friends, friends lists looking for friends that I’ve lost contact with and adding them to my friends list. (I hope that sentence made sense my friends.)

So if you know me, go add me as a friend. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go find more friends…