Invalid Last Name

After Tuesday’s new MacBook announcement, I desperately wanted to find out when the new MacBook’s would be available in South Africa. I went to the official SA distributors website ( and rummaged around trying to some kind of “contact us” email address. I finally decided, after not finding any other electronic contact method to use the feedback form. I filled in my details, wrote up a nice little message asking when the new MacBooks would be available and then clicked the “Submit” button and thats when the error message pop’d up. “Please Enter a valid lastname. A minimum of 6 characters are required” obviously this shook my world as I was suddenly being told that my lastname which I’ve had for 20something years is invalid… after some deep soul searching I decided I would change it to “Nunns.” and the feedback page accepted it. I do feel sorry for those people who’s names won’t be made valid by simply adding a character