Play with someone else’s wife tonight.

While browsing around the web I came across the following banner ad a few times.

Play with someone else's wife tonight.

And if you click on it you go through to the Ashley Madison Agency website which advertises its self as the “Premier Discreet Dating Service.” From what I can tell they?specialise?in matching people up who want to have affairs. I have to admit it seems a rather odd kind of dating service to run and perhaps even weirder to actually use. But I guess it is a rather niche market that they’re “servicing”.

I guess I’m just not as “open” to these kinds of things as other people…

I realise now that the banner ad and its tag line are rather catchy as it got me to actually click the link even though I’m a soon to be happily married man (I hope) and have no interest in having an affair and almost never click banner ads.