Russian billionaire fits mega-yacht with anti-photo shield

According to this article from Wired (found via BoingBoing) the russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has fitted his yacht with an anti-photo shield that uses lasers to overpower the CCD sensors in digital camera’s destroying any photo’s of his yacht or the guests on it.


I’m not sure exactly how or even if this works, I’m assuming the article has been “dumbed” down along the way and that actually this thing has some kind of laser (perhaps a IR one?) that over powers the sensitive CCD sensors in the camera’s probably making the yacht appear like a giant ball of light. If it is something like that it should be possible to still get a photo if the right filters where used on the camera. I doubt very much it has a laser that tracks down every camera and fires a burst at it that selectively destroys images of the yacht.

This brings up an interesting question, isn’t there perhaps a huge untapped market modifying government stealth technology for rich billionaire’s and other “public” people such as movie stars and artists so that the?paparazzi?can’t get photo’s of them? If you had some new fancy device that allows you to hide in plane site, like say a invincibility cloak wouldn’t someone like Britney Spears be the perfect test subject? Give it to her and get her to go for a walk down the street and see if she’ll be able to slip past the?paparazzi?while wearing it?

Which makes me wonder should the American government not be hiring the tabloid photographers to take “spy” photos of foreign government weapons facilities, I mean they manage some how to track down the latest starlet and take a photo at just the right time to get a photo of a nipple popping out I’m sure getting photo’s of some WMD would be a walk in the park for them. They could probably use the tabloid writers as intelligence operatives too… I mean they seem to know more of whats going on with Brad & Angelina than even Brad & Angelina…