Nokia OVI is awesome…

Nokia OVI is awesome.

Sorry just had to say that, after the wedding I needed a place to upload photo’s… Flickr’s free offering unfortunately has a limit and so does Picasa (Google’s offering) but while I was playing around on my Nokia N78 I found OVI. It doesn’t appear to have a limit and comes with features that allow you embed a little flash applet that has the photo’s in it.

You’ll see them on the Honeymoon page on our wedding website. One of the other cool features is that I can Sync my phone’s calendar, address book, notes and other items on my phone with the OVI website which is an awesome feature, it allows me to maintain the address book and calendar on any PC which is very nice and means that I have a backup of my contacts if I ever loose my phone.

You can also take photo’s and upload straight to the OVI website the same as with the Flickr integration.

If you have a recent Nokia phone I highly reccomend that you go and look at the OVI website.