WordPress 3.0 & Stuff.za.net update

I haven’t played with WordPress 3.0 much other than running the update, what I have discovered is that I miss a lot of features of the old K2 theme so I’ll be spending the weekend tweaking the 2010 theme to make it work and look similar to the old K2 theme.

Because of the switch of themes you’ll see that “Live comment preview” is no longer working, it was part of K2 and I haven’t found a suitable replacement yet. The other thing not working is “Live Search” which was also a part of the old theme so I lost that too.

The “banner” image at the top of the page isn’t mine either (yet!) and is one of the defaults that comes with the theme, when I get home I’ll go sort through my massive collection of photos and see if I can find any I like and try put together a collection of them I can use on the site.

There is something “off” about the colours too… I’m not exactly sure what it is that I don’t like, but I think it has a lot to do with the heavy black borders and perhaps the location, colour and font of the work “Stuff.za.net” at the top of the screen, I’ll hack that bit of the theme code over the weekend.

I’m still looking for a plugin that will integrate Google Buzz comments into the normal posts, I found one that appears to do what I want called “Buzz-Comments” but it doesn’t work, or doesn’t work with 3.0. I want to try make the site a little more “socially aware” so that it links in with any other tools I might be using to tell people about my life.