Just some of my favourite Embedded.fm and TheAmpHour podcast episodes.

I keep recommending these two podcasts to people so I thought I would put together a short list of the episodes I found most interesting lately.

Embedded.fm is a podcast dedicated to the many aspects of engineering. They talk about the how, why, and what of engineering, usually devices.

Some of my favourite episodes.

http://embedded.fm/episodes/190 – Interview Matt Godbolt about his awesome Compiler Explorer.
http://embedded.fm/episodes/140 – Interview with Andrew “Bunnie” Huang famous for his Hacking the Xbox book and his Novena open source laptop among other things.
http://embedded.fm/episodes/162 – Interview with Alan Yates from Valve, tons of info on the HTC Vive hardware, lighthouse and how it all works.
http://embedded.fm/episodes/205 – Interview with Addie and Whisker from the Toymakers about badge making, hardware hacking and other stuff.
http://embedded.fm/episodes/193 – Interview with Owen Anderson talking about clang and LLVM

The Amp Hour – Is an Electronics focused podcast done by Chris Gammell and Dave Jones (of EEVBlog fame).

#325 – An Interview with David Kronstein (Tesla500)

#294 – Live from Serbia with Mike Harrison

#336 – An Interview with Bunnie Huang (2nd)

#308 – An Interview with Samy Kamkar

#303 – An Interview with Dmitry Nedospasov

#265 – A Security Update with Michael Ossmann

#318 – Impedance Matching with Michael Ossmann and Dmitry Nedospasov