ADSL Subscription

Just a little heads up, it has no effect whatso ever on or anything but I thought I would just let people know anyway. I’ve just changed my ADSL subscription.

For a long time (almost a year now..) I’ve been using Axxess as my home ISP for my ADSL subscription. I’m not unhappy with them, in fact I love their service and they very nice people to deal with. The problems been that I’ve been buying 4gb a month (for those of you outside of SA we have caps on our ADSL usage that means that it’s rather expensive…) but I don’t always use it all and some months need more then 4gb, Axxess don’t offer an easy to use system that I can just log in and purchase an extra 1gb or two to see me through till the end of the month, and on months that I don’t use it all I loose what ever I didn’t use.

So I’ve switched to Webafrica which offer a pre-paid ADSL subscription that allows me to purchase my bandwidth upfront (smallest purchase being 1gb) and it’ll carry over till the next month wich means if I don’t use it all I don’t loose any. Webafrica also make it very easy for me to log into there site and purchase more which makes my life less complicated. Webafrica work out slightly more expensive but I think in the long run I may actually safe the R20 or so extra I’m paying per gb because I won’t loose any.

I’ve dealt with Webafrica before, they supply all the hosting for the company I work for and they also are our ISP for the ADSL line in the office. They’re a awesome company to deal with, easy to get hold of (you can email them, phone, fax or even IM them…) and their website is very easy to use for adding support tickets adding new services etc.

So if you’re in the market for an ADSL subscription you should check out both Axxess and Webafrica and see which one offers what you need.