A simple site

I have this site open almost permanently in my browser and I use it more then any other site especially while writing stuff but also when I’m coding. The strange part is that it isn’t one of the “big name” sites and you’ve probably never heard of it or seen it and yet I couldn’t live without it…

The site is dict.die.net and it’s a dictionary what makes it so special is that it’s simple it doesn’t have any fancy graphics, animations or tons of ads it doesn’t use AJAX or someother new fangled web technology and because of all this it’s rather fast.
To use it you just go to the site type in the word you what to check the spelling of or the meaning of and it comes back and tells you. If you didn’t spell the word correctly it gives you a list you can choose from, if you did you’ll get the information about the word. What’s really nice is that it doesn’t use one dictionary but several so you’ll get the definition from websters, wordnet and other dictionary’s.

You can do a lot more with the site than just getting the definition of the word so take the time to read the very short list of instructions on the main page. For example if you’re looking for a four letter word starting with d and ending with d you can search for d??d and it’ll give you a list of words… useful for crosswords.
I’m never sure if I spelt a word correctly and often even when I think the spelling is correct it still “looks wrong”… The site helps me check that I did infact spell the word correctly. I also use it often if I’m not sure I’ve used the correct word or if I don’t know what the word means.