The Secret to looking great in under 7 days…

Do you really, really want to look great? Read on as I reveal the secrets to enternal youth, smaller thighs, better skin, bigger breasts and a flatter tummy…

I’m pretty sure I’ve got your attention now, I mean I mentioned breasts so I have at least got the attention of my male readers right? So would you believe me that there was a way to look younger, take inches of your thighs, get rid of the wrinkles, the bags under your eyes and get rid of that extra flab? And it doesn’t invovle pills, magic potions or even surgery.

Theres only one problem it only works on paper.

So what is this magic cure called ? Adobe Photoshop.

It’s the tool of choice for digital touchup specialists the world over.

You see the people you see on the pages of magazines don’t actually look like that… some of them are beautiful but they don’t really have that perfect skin, they don’t have gravity defying breasts. They’re actually pretty plain, there secret though is that the people they are modelling for have teams of artists who sit for ours and make them pretty, it’s not the make up or the lighting but the power of photo shop and the person controlling it that takes someone from rather good looking to jaw droppingly sexy.

You probably still don’t believe me? You’re saying “Yea but you can’t do that much with the airbrush tool in photoshop, you can’t make my thighs smaller. You can’t put things in that aren’t there!” So below I’ve put a few links to a couple of sites, all run by professional touchup people and you can judge for yourself.

Greg’s Digital Archive

Retouch by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

So next time you stare at a picture and start wishing you could look that good, remember that the person in the picture might not even look that good.

Ps:In no way am I bashing models, I hope this in no way affects my chances of one day dating a model or person who has appeared in a magazine. All that I’m trying to do is make those of us who sometimes wish we could look that good feel a little better.