As the samba beat courses through your veins you take the perfect body in your arms and twirl her round… then throw her away and almost violently but very sensually you pull her closer, running your hands through her long brown hair and down her short sequent dress…

Then the perfect body in your arms turns into a mop as you’re violently pulled back to reality…

Like most men I am rythmically challenged… or at least thats the excuse I use… Now for the “right” girl I may actually make an attempt and learn to dance… I’m not scared todo that… as long as no one else knows I’m doing it and it’s done in the dark, in the dead of night, in an abandon building across town with no witnesses.

Most of the guys who I’ve seen dancing at a club/party/etc fall into three categories:

1) Drunk/Stoned/Stupid – This one is rather self explanatory.

2) Think they can dance, but can’t. – I’m sure you’ve seen these people… they march out onto the dance floor with great purpose and then flail about like a fish out of water.

3) Can actually dance. – They may not be the best dancers on earth but they can actually dance. Normally they don’t look stupid doing it.

As you may have seen above I said “guys” and thats generally true… there are very few bad female dancers.. and there are very few who think they can dance but can’t…

I’m not saying that these are the only categories either… there would be the “I can’t dance.. and I’m not making a fool of myself trying…” which is the category I fit into.

Oddly enough if you asked me which group got the most girls I would say people falling in categories 1 & 3 and I’m hoping.. but haven’t got any proof yet… the “I can’t dance.. and I’m not making a fool of myself trying…” category.