Odd assortment of links.

This is an odd assortment of sites that I found tonight while browsing around the web, normally I would bookmark them and they would be forgotten in the blackhole that is my bookmarks folder. But in the interests of sharing things and in the hopes that someone will find them interesting I’m going to share them with you…

I hope to make this a more regular occurence on this website as I seem to stumble across alot of sites that other people enjoy.

I’m not sure why but today I’ve been in a bit of a DIY mood and while I have made anything or fixed anything I have spent plenty of time browsing sites that should you how to make and fix things. So of course most of the links reflect this.

I’m not really a ring wearing guy but I really like the idea of having a ring made out of a coin. How to make a coin ring – this site explains how to make a ring out of a coin, very cool.

Ever wondered how Lava Lamps work? Wanted to know how to make your own or who invented them ? OozingGoo is a cool site that gives lots of info on lava lamps.

RainyDayMagazine is a really cool site thats got all sorts of stuff and links to sites on things like making candles and weird lights to coffee tables and even got reviews of cell phones and stuff. Nice site to go waste a few hours on. I really like the bit about making a Tensegrity CellPhone Holder I’m going to try make one when I’ve got some free time.

I really like this coffee table and think I might actually make one if I get some time although I think I’ll make the cell phone holder first as a test.

LifeHacker is one of those sites that have links to pretty much everything nice place to waste a bit of time.

And then finally a link to a site that is probably not of much interest to the normal readers of this site but I’ll put it up any way. 5 Bears is a site about a guy who has built up his own machine shop. He’s got CNC Milling equipment and plenty of writeups about the turbines, engines and mill’s he’s built.