There is an unwritten law of online blogging/writing/journaling etc that states that every site should at least have one post about cats. No one is really sure who came up with this rule… perhaps the cats? But so that I don’t get into trouble or feel left out here is my contribution to the internet’s collection of websites and posts dedicated to cats…

So you probably don’t belive me? Well here are a few links to sites that have pages dedicated to cats and other cat related stuff on the web…

Tycho is an “employee” of a software company called Ambient Design, they wrote amongst other things the really cool software called ArtRage. On the company’s website is a complete bio of Tycho along with lots of pictures, he even gets fan mail. (Oh and by the way, his writeup is longer then any of the other people who work for Ambient…)

Then theres the movie clip of a kitten playing with a Apple Powerbook… Kitten vs Frontrow who said Mac’s where hard to use?

No list of online websites would be complete without some porn… so here is a link to the Kitty Porn website. (Don’t worry mom… it’s not as bad as you think…)

There are hundreds of websites that ask people to send in pictures of something (cars, people you name it.. its out there..) and then let people on the internet rate how good they are. So it was only a matter of time until some one did it for cats… RateMyKitten
Then there’s the hundreds of news stories, online about cats… Like this one of a cat that chased a bear up a tree.

Of course there are hundreds of websites with pictures of cats on them… So it’s not suprising that there is a group on flickr with lots of pictures of cats.

All cats have dreams don’t they? Cats biggest dreams – a quirky list of dreams that I’m sure all cats have.

And then there are all the inventions that were made for the cats like the automatic cat feeder.

Now I guess it’s my turn to introduce the cats in my life.

Theres Cream Puff, She’s a Chinchilla persian and is my parents cat… she’s lovely, friendly and rather “soft”.

Cream Puff Cream Puff

Then theres Tommy, he was a stray cat that ended up moving in with the people I stay with. He lives in the cattery on the property and keeps the other cats company… he also occationally comes to visit me in my flat.

Tommy Tommy