Tools and DIY

Anyone who knows me well will be able to tell you that I’m mad about tools… any tools. Since I was small I would go wonder round the tool/DIY sections of shops staring at all the cool tools that you can buy. My dream as a kid was to have a huge workshop filled with all kinds of tools where I could make anything I could dream of…

I haven’t yet managed to acquire a large collection of tools, I actually have less since moving to Capetown but it hasn’t stopped me from wondering around hardware stores staring at the cool tools on offer.

So it shouldn’t be too suprising then when I say that for some or other weird reason I stumbled across a couple of cool websites today that give plenty of info on tools and how to use them and cool things you can make yourself.

First up is Toolmonger their description on the site is “all tools, all the time” and it’s true. I wasted many hours going through all the pages reading about all kinds of tools and how to use them.

Next up is Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools a website that doesn’t just contain new tools but also other cool stuff like clothing, books, knives etc. I’ve often wasted a few hours going through the posts on this site reading about the various items that are available. The submissions on this site are from real people which makes it even better as they have been tried and tested by actual people.
Next up is ReadyMade Magazines website, this site has plenty of links and articles on making stuff. Very cool site for the DIY’er.

Finkbuilt this site is a bit hard to describe but it still is alot of fun and contains all kinds of weird stuff on it. It probably doesn’t fit in with the rest but it’s also got tools on it, things like how to cut threads in metal and a few entries about cars and other things.
No list of cool tool related websites would be complete without at least mentioning the “official” Magazine for all tool and gadget freaks the world over… Popular Mechanics their website has lots of DIY projects and other info on it and the magazine is also pretty awesome. Although I still haven’t gotten round to subscribing…

Oh well thats all for the moment…