My “Uneventful” Trip back from George or Clear packaging tape is wonderful stuff.

This weekend I went back to George for a short break, a chance to get a few things done that I’ve been meaning todo and a chance to contemplate the general meaning of live, the universe and everything.
I’ve had strange things happen in the past happen to me when travelling from Capetown to George and back again. I’ve been in a bus thats broken every speed limit on the way, been in one that left someone behind, been sandwiched between many a large black women or sat infront of or behind the couple with the screaming baby. On occasions when I’ve travelled with friends we’ve gotten lost, gotten a flat tyre and been stuck in traffic… which nearly double our trip time. This time was no different.

So the trip to George was quiet and uneventful, like it should be. The trip back was… interesting. It all started with Michael coming round to my parents place to pick me up… we packed all our stuff in his little Opel Corsa Lite said our goodbye’s and got into the car. Before we got round to starting the car there was a sudden BANG and the rear window sortof “exploded” (pictures supplied below.)

So after getting of over the shock of the window turning to pretty fractals we got hold of Michael’s parents, got hold of various insurance people who contacted the auto glass people who attempted to source a window. Of course it being a Sunday, these things only happen at the most inconvenient time, things went a bit slowly, we were finally informed that they could only get one on Tuesday because it would have to be specially ordered. By this time it was about 5pm and we’d had both my and Michael’s entire family come round to inspect the window and speculate on the cause of the damage and generally comisarate with him.

Finally a grand plan was hatched (I believe that it was Michael’s dad’s idea.. so credit goes to him.) that Michael would buy a few rolls of clear packaging tape and we would attempt to cover the entire rear window in tape. So we started tapeing everything up with a crisscross pattern to increase strength we also did the inside of the window to ensure it wouldn’t fall apart and then finally we left.

What is un-believable is that the window held up the hole 400 and something Kilometer trip. You have to remember that the average speed of the trip is probably about 110km/h so this was rather suprising.

Pictures, Unfortunately none of the tapped up window because we didn’t want to waste time.


Pictures all taken by my brother and his assistant joe.