The Internet Archive

A while ago I was watching an episode of NerdTV where Robert “X” Cringely interviews Brewster Kahle? the? creater of the Internet Archive.? I must admit that the only thing I? knew or ever used of the internet archive was the Wayback machine which? allows you to “go back in time” and view an older version of a website.

But in the interview they were talking about Movies, Audio, Books and all kinds of other stuff that the Internet Archive now archives so I decided to go take a look…

And well I didn’t come up for air for a long time. The internet archive is incredible they’ve got tons of content on the site. They’ve got radio programs from the past, movies and movie clips? and they’ve got whole libraries that they’ve scanned in.

The internet archive has very little todo with the Internet and more todo with archiving information and I strongly suggest that you go check it out.

But be warned the site can become addictive and you could spend hours on the site, but the time spent there I wouldn’t consider a waste.