viZoo – Free Format – holographic projection.

I spotted this site along time ago but I keep getting asked about it. viZoo is a advertising company that according to their site “Are an advertising film company, developing and producing new media with “edge”. Something that has never been seen before. For window shopping, events and outdoor.”

So what makes them so interesting then? Well they’ve come up with something called Free Format that is sort of a cheap version of a holographic projection system. What they do is project using standard digital projectors onto an invisible screen the effect is that it looks like the items they are showing are really there in the showroom. Of course because they using Digital Projectors they can make the displays interactive too. If you watch the video clips on there site (under the Show Reel section) you’ll see that most of these displays attract a large crowd, in one the police step in to get the people to move on.
If you check out the site you’ll see they got a few demo clips on the system in action, best ones is the girl who walks around a clothing store at night and keeps changing into clothing (this one isn’t so much “technically” impressive but who cares… it’s a sexy girl removing her clothes…) the others are ones of various cars and other things.

I do wonder how easy it would be to homebrew a similar setup, projectors aren’t that expensive anymore… the problem is find something that allows you to create a screen that from a few meters away you can’t see.