Flight Delayed

Right now I’m sitting in the departures lounge of George Airport… my plane has been delayed due to bad weather and so as I accidently packed my book into my luggage all I’ve got with me is my laptop and cell phone so I’m using that to kill some time.

George Airport doesn’t have wifi not even extremely overpriced wifi so I’m using my cell, a cable because my bluetooth dongle doesn’t want to work and my laptop to get online and chat to friends.

Why I’m only leaving on Wednesday when I was suppose to leave on Sunday is complicated and I’ll explain it all some other time… what I will tell you is that it involves pain, money and doctors.

Below are a few pictures taken with my cell that show why my plane has been delayed… and no it has nothing todo with the pink cloud thats my cell phone… or the painkillers.

George AirportAirport GeorgeAirport George

Updated (A little while after typing and posting the above.): ?

So I took the pictures below while I was boarding the plane and for obvious reasons I couldn’t post them straight away. As you can see or perhaps thats can’t see… the heavy mist/fog is the cause of all the delays.

George AirportGeorge AirportGeorge AirportGeorge Airport