It’s like riding a bicycle (re-learning PHP)

So today I decided to fixup a few things on and while I’m at it add a few cool plugins to wordpress.

One of those plugins was Now Reading which is pretty cool plugin that allows you too keep track of the books you’re reading. Of course once I added it I wanted to make a few “minor” changes to the templates so that it fitted in with the rest of my site better… that was about 4 hours ago.

I’ve spent the last few hours “re-learning” PHP and trying to work out why the css files didn’t want to work properly. Now I haven’t seen PHP code in a very long time and haven’t coded in it for even longer. I think the last time I played with PHP was about 4 years ago… so with the help of Google and what I remember about PHP I was able to beat Now Reading into shape and get it to work the way I want it. There are a few things I would like to change but they can wait for the moment.

If you want to see what the finished product looks like click the “Books” option on the header at the top the page. Nice huh?