The New Server

Welcome to the new server and home of…

As usual things didn’t go as planned, but I finally completed the move across to the new server today at around 3pm. Everything should work like it used to.. although I have updated WordPress and the theme I use K2 and added a few things (see below). Let me know if you think something is broken or gotten lost along the way.

I’m now running this all on Linux instead of Windows. It’s still on a shared host but that’s ok… for now anyway.

Changes that I’ve made:
(I’m putting these here so that I don’t forget them.)

  • Put the Flexible Width back into the K2 theme. I use a 19″ and a 27″ Widescreen LCD’s at home so I like to have my website take up a reasonable amount of space. I also use a 12″ notebook so it makes sense to have the screen as wide as possible rather than high. I currently have it set to about 80% width which isn’t too bad.
  • Next up I added the Extended Live Archive Plugin. I’m not sure yet if I like it’s cool and if it doesn’t cause too many problems I think I’ll keep it.
  • Scrobbler Plugin with the Scrobbler (Last.FM) Sidebar module, so that you can see what I’m listening too.
  • Now Reading Plugin and lots of hand editing the templates and style sheets to get it too look ok and do what I want.

And bunch of editing of template files, style sheets and other stuff to get it all to hang together and generally not totally suck.