Movie Review: Aeon Flux

aeon-flux-poster04.jpgI actually watched this movie awhile back but this weekend I bought the DVD and watched it again. Gary asked if it was any good and this got me thinking… was it? As I’m sure all of you know it stars Charlize Theron (“There-on” as the American’s like calling her.) as Aeon Flux…

The story is set in the future, everyone appears to have been killed off by some sort of plague except for this group of people who live in this one city. Technology has progressed quiet a bit and things are more “biological” than shiny metal. As an example there are no screens in the movie.. rather they use water or liquid as screens. The whole movie has a very different feel to it that something like Minority Report or other “futuristic” movies. This is rather refreshing and it does mean that some things aren’t as believable, but it’s science fiction so who cares whether it’s believable or not.

Charlize plays Aeon who’s an assasin for a group of people who it appears want to over throw the current government/people in charge and they send her in to kill the head honcho… of course things aren’t exactly as they seem and she falls for the guy she’s supposed to kill and ends up running from both the good guys and the bad guys. Not a new plot or anything, it does have it’s twists but I found it all rather predictable.

As with most modern sci-fi movies the whole movie gives you the impression that t the future is is very grey and bright “electric” blue (think those annoying blue LED’s that get put on electronic devices now days.) it’s a similiar colour scheme to Paycheck and Minority Report… it is a welcome change from the black and green colours of the matrix and wannabe matrix movies.

It’s not truly thought provoking or anything and I’ve seen movies that deal with similiar story line and do it much better.

So basically you have lots of scenes with Charlize in barely any clothing, or leaping through the air dressed in clothes that appear to be “sprayed” on. Oddly this is probably the “highlight” of the movie. Yes there are a few scenes that are cool, but the dialog tends to be rather corny and boring. They seem to have clumped all the action together in certain parts of the film and then have long periods where nothing seems to happen. You also get the feeling that the ending was rushed, that had they taken there time or not wasted as much in the beginning they would’ve had more time to finish it nicely.
It’s not the best movie ever but it’s not a bad waste of a few Rand… but you wouldn’t have lost out on anything by not seeing it…

I’ll give it a 5/10 mainly because it’s not terrible and it’s got a Charlize Theron in it.