Telkom – The Saga Begins

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been attempting to cancel my ADSL line, now this shouldn’t be that complicated all I need to do is phone Telkom, give them my details and tell them I want to cancel my line.

Umm well that’s the idea anyway…
Firstly some background, just over two weeks ago the people I stayed with moved and I decided to move with them. the people I stay with decided that they were going to get there own ADSL line so I no longer needed my own ADSL line. So I decided to cancel mine.

Firstly I phoned Telkom and was told while I could cancel a normal line over the phone, because this is a ADSL line it’s special and I have to deal with a special department. This “special” department is only contactable via fax so I typed up a fax with my details and my reason for cancelling the line and faxed it to them, then waited… nothing happened so I decided to phone them and enquire about things. Well it takes 3 days till my fax appears on there system, so I waited 3 days. Then phoned them, no fax it’s got lost in cyberspace. So I get a new number to send the fax to and fax off yet another letter. A day later I decide to phone to see if they got the 2nd fax, they had but my request had not been processed yet. So I waited a day and phoned again, and well yeah you guessed it still not done.

This has now been going on for a few days and no it’s still hasn’t been cancelled. The really stupid thing is that you can’t contact the ADSL cancellation department by anything other than fax.