Why can’t they talk to each other?

Why?Why can’t everything I have and use integrate into one giant “thing”? Why can’t I make a phone call from my fridge? blog from my toaster? Why can’t I integrate WordPress and Facebook? Why can’t I combine Yahoo & Google? Why can’t I have one central contact list across all my devices and there various operating systems? Why can’t I easily blog from my cell phone? or take a picture with my camera, upload it via my cell and post it to this site, flickr and Facebook all at once? Why? Why? Why?

I’ve decided to make it my mission in life to make everything I own and use talk to everything else.

What started all this is that I was busy trying to decide if I wanted to import all my photos into Flickr, but now that I’ve also started messing around with Facebook it would be nice if the pictures were available there too and it would be awesome if I could use them on this site too. Then I got thinking, if I could do it with Photos it would be cool if I could do it with Text too like these posts. Then perhaps link the status thingie in Facebook to Gaim/Gtalk’s little status/message thing. And then if I could do it with the posts what about the comments? Could I sync my friends list in Facebook with my contact list in my various mail clients and could I then sync that with my cell phone?

And well at this point I was hyperventilating and foaming at my mouth as I realised how absolutely awesome this would be.

So the question is could this be done? I think so, most of these online services have API’s almost all of them support RSS so with a lot of hacking I think you could link everything up to each other. The fridge and the toaster may be a bit of a problem… but I think with enough ductape and a few bits and pieces I could rig something up, although I think my flat mate would object if I start ductaping stuff to the fridge and toaster.