Famous Friends

Christiaan KritzingerThe internet is a strange place… was having a discusion over IM (Instant Messaging, for those of you are new to this Internet thing) with a friend about all the guys we were in school and what happened to the people.

Anyway while I was having a black & white flashback moment reliving my youth, I decided to put a few of my friends names into Google to see if any robbed banks, became multi billionaires or became famous while I was attempting to get a life. So it doesn’t appear that anyone robbed any banks or made large sums of money… but at least one of us accomplished something that got them into Google.

A friend of mine from high school, Christiaan Kritzinger (although I knew him as Tiaan) actually recorded a CD and got it released and he’s got a MySpace page and in true MySpace fashion you can listen to his music on the page. Now I’m not exaclty a fan of Afrikaans music but the music isn’t bad and its kinda cool being able to say “I know this guy with a CD out”.

Now I just need the guys email address so that I can acquire a signed CD (I’ll pay for it, I’m not that cheap.) and I’m not creating a MySpace account just to say hi.