Famous Friends

Christiaan KritzingerThe internet is a strange place… was having a discusion over IM (Instant Messaging, for those of you are new to this Internet thing) with a friend about all the guys we were in school and what happened to the people.

Anyway while I was having a black & white flashback moment reliving my youth, I decided to put a few of my friends names into Google to see if any robbed banks, became multi billionaires or became famous while I was attempting to get a life. So it doesn’t appear that anyone robbed any banks or made large sums of money… but at least one of us accomplished something that got them into Google.

A friend of mine from high school, Christiaan Kritzinger (although I knew him as Tiaan) actually recorded a CD and got it released and he’s got a MySpace page and in true MySpace fashion you can listen to his music on the page. Now I’m not exaclty a fan of Afrikaans music but the music isn’t bad and its kinda cool being able to say “I know this guy with a CD out”.

Now I just need the guys email address so that I can acquire a signed CD (I’ll pay for it, I’m not that cheap.) and I’m not creating a MySpace account just to say hi.

Last.Fm is really cool…

I love all the new sites that are coming out… one that a friend recently introduced me to is called Last.Fm.

Now last.fm is very hard to describe but basically through special plugins in media players your computer sends them information on what music you listen to all this is then stripped of any “private” information and then grouped together with a the information gathered from thousands of other people. They then do lots of fancy stuff on all the data and finally come out with info that says “People who like Katie Melua will also like KT Tunstall”. By signing up for your own account at last.fm you can tell them what you like which means that they’ll then be able to give you better more accurate information on other artists you may like.

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Books, DVD’s, CD’s

You’ll see that there’s a new link on the header of this site labelled “Books, DVD’s, CD’s”. This is a list of items that I currently own, I’ll update the list as often as possible and hopefully in the future I’ll write a few reviews about some of the items on the list.

I’m hoping that this will help you my loyal readers get to know me a little better and it helps my friends and family buy me gifts *hint* *hint*.