I’m married!!!!

Claire and I getting married.Yes thats right… I’m married…

It all happened on the 21st November 2009 at about 4:15pm, as we sort through all the photo’s we’ll be posting them on the wedding website, so far I’ve only uploaded the photo’s from the Honeymoon as those were a lot simpler to sort out.

Wedding Update

For those of you following the progress of our wedding you?ll be pleased to know the invitations are going out this week, in the middle of a post office strike so please be paitent.

You can now RSVP on the site and you?ll see I?ve put up links to our gift registries.

I’ve still got to sort through all my scribbled down notes of places to stay and stick them under the accomodation banner, if you anyone knows of any good places in the Durbanville area please let me know.

Wedding stuff & lists…

weddingCakeCoupleGift Lists, Guest Lists, To Do Lists, Play Lists, Wine Lists…

Been Working on wedding stuff and I’ve come to the conclusion that weddings are all about lists. ?Between Claire and my self we’ve made alot of them, and I’m expecting even after the wedding there will be more lists.

For those of you who have been following the wedding planning closely (mostly friends and family of the bride…) things are moving along smoothly, I’m not sure exactly how many days it is until the “big day”, and I’m not too stressed about the things I have to organise.

The honeymoon is mostly booked, there are some minor logistical matters to sort out but they can only be done closer to the time. I just have to make sure that me and my groom party (or whatever the groom version of Bridal Party) show up at the right place, on time, dressed in the appropriate attire… and that I say the right things (“I do”… been practicing that 😉 ).

Speaking about appropriate attire, I have been informed that I can not get married in jeans and a t-shirt… even if I swap the t-shirt for a shirt with a colar. So I’ve organised that this week myself and one of my trusty 2 bestmen are going shopping to pickout something that doesn’t make me look like an undertaker. I’m not sure yet whether to buy or rent, we’ll decide that once I find out what effect the clothing will have on my bank balance.

The other thing that I’ve been responsible for are the invitations… which admittedly have been taking a little longer than they should of, those I should finish up and post this week still. ?So those of you who have been checking your post box everyday eagerly awaiting them will have to do it a little longer.

And thats the end of my list… for now… there are a few things missing from this public list, but those are stored in Google Docs with entries in Google Calendar to remind me.

Wedding Site Updates

If you haven’t noticed yet… you can go look at our Wedding Site and you’ll see a few updates, we now have some nice buttons to click on and I’ve uploaded Our Story of how we met…

When I get a chance I want to write up an article on tweaking wordpress theme’s and how I put together the Wedding pages look.

She said “YES”!!!!

theringI don’t often mention my girlfriend, its more out of respect to her and her privacy but today I’m making an exception.

On Valentines day I asked the love of my life, Claire to marry me. For some it was a huge surprise, for others it was expected and others were just happy I had finally done it.

My proposal didn’t go as planned, but then again life never does go according to plan… but in the end at about 11:30pm on the 14th February 2009 I asked the question on my knees in my PJ’s, and she said YES 🙂

I didn’t realise though that its sortof expected that you know when and where the wedding is going to be… have the guest list already worked out along with the theme of the wedding, catering, DJ’s and all that stuff. So for the moment the plans are something along the lines of… It’s going to be in the Cape Town area, sometime towards the end of the year, in warm weather and the bride will be wearing some or other shade of white and the “theme” will be… “Wedding” or something like that.

The rest of the stuff we’ll work out as time goes by…

PS: You can contact me for details of where to send early wedding gifts (big screen TV’s, cars, houses or cash gifts).