Google Goggles, CSI like technology on your phone.

I’ve read about it before countless times before, but I haven’t had a phone capable of running it. This morning while drinking my tea I read yet another post about Google Goggles and decided to install it on my HTC Wildfire.

I have only one word to explain it… “AWESOME”.

It reminds me of the handheld gadgets they use in shows like CSI where they take a photo of something (fingerprint, shoe print etc) and then click a button and the phone magically does some recognition and comes back with the info. It’s not perfect… and doesn’t recognise all the logos I had in the office but it does a pretty good job none the less.

And now with Google Images supporting reverse searches (search for an image using an image) it could only get better.

My new phone… HTC wildfire

Yesterday I got my new cell phone, a HTC wildfire. I’m loving the phone so far, its not the fastest or fanciest phone but its still pretty awesome.

I’ve managed to setup links to all the “lmportant” social media apps. I’m rather impressed by Android, its a lot better than my old Nokia.

Full review to come soon…

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