My new phone… HTC wildfire

Yesterday I got my new cell phone, a HTC wildfire. I’m loving the phone so far, its not the fastest or fanciest phone but its still pretty awesome.

I’ve managed to setup links to all the “lmportant” social media apps. I’m rather impressed by Android, its a lot better than my old Nokia.

Full review to come soon…

Uploading Pictures to

My new phone (Nokia N78) has the ability to upload pictures taken to Flickr, so this morning I created myself a flickr account, configured the phone and tried it out.

It’s pretty cool, I can take a photo with my phone and then select an option and upload it straight away to Flickr. I’ve also found that Flickr can link to this blog, so now I can take a picture, select an option… type a short message and presto the image taken is uploaded to It’s actually pretty cool, and it seems to work well. I must admit that I’m now slightly tempted to get Flickr Pro account, although I think I’ll wait a bit and see how much I use it first.

BTW you can see an example of all this wizardry with the OMFG post.