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GridView DataFormatString not working in ASP.NET

Was scratching my head for a few minutes when a bound column in a grid in my ASP.Net page didn’t format correctly, for future reference and in case it can help some one here is the solution:

Set your DataFormatString to the right format, for example I set mine to {0:dd/MM/yyyy} to show my date correctly and then (and this is the secret trick) you have to set HtmlEncode to false on the column and your column should display correctly.

Weird that I could only find this after a few minutes of Googling, its not in the help as far as I could see.

Debugging Crashes and Hangs using Visual Studio

Found this via the “Start Page” in Visual Studio 2008, its a rather interesting blog post by one of the Visual Studio IDE QA Guys.

It goes into a lot of detail on how to debug application crashes and the same process can be used for hanging applications. For me the most interesting part was the “Load from Microsoft Symbol Servers” option when loading symbols, I didn’t know it was possible to get the symbols for Microsoft applications like that.

I’m not sure how often I’m going to need to debug other people’s applications, but it may come in handy next time I get a weird application hang or crash.


Richard @ Owl Says Woot has a post about a tool called Visual XPath. I found a tool a while back called XPathMania its a plugin to Visual Studio 2005 (Don’t know if there is a 2008 version out yet.) that allows you do test XPath Queries inside Visual Studio and build them, has saved me many frustrating hours when I’ve been writing xslt scripts.

I’m going to give Visual XPath a try too… perhaps as a replacement for XpathMania in 2008?

What happens when the framework vanishes?

This is a response/comment to Richard’s blog entry about 3 Things to Learn from LINQ to SQL

How many times have you done work based on a particular technology only to have it vanish or be completely incompatible in the next release?

You don’t want to know how many “legacy” apps I have to support that only work in 2003 and .NET 1.1 because the library or two I used is no longer available or is completely in compatible. Continue reading