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I love cooking…

I love cooking, I’m not sure if I’m any good at it (you’ll have to ask my girlfriend) but I do enjoy it. There is something therapeutic about chopping, stirring, frying etc something in the kitchen. Now that I don’t live alone I don’t get to experiment with all the crazy things I come up, which is a pity as alot of those turned out rather good in the past.

I’ve always loved Jamie Oliver as a chef, not because of his recipes or anything like that… but because he had this attitude of anyone can do this, it doesn’t have to be rocket science and its ok to make a mess in the kitchen. If you watch any of his shows you’ll see that he actually ends up with flour on his shirt and his kitchen looking alittle bit of a mess, he sticks his hands in and gets them dirty and the whole time he’s cooking he looks like he’s having fun.?

If you watch Nigella Lawson’s cooking programs you’ll see that she often cooks in a fancy dress (I remember a red one she wore often) and she’ll make something that when us mere mortals cook it we would end up covered in flour from head to toe, she won’t have a spec on her.?Other shows annoy me because everything is “prepared before hand” so they just pour the bowl of chopped onions in, you don’t see the guy chopping them with tears in there eyes… so it feels a little “un-natural”.

While searching for a Jamie Oliver recipe I heard about (I only own one of his books… they a bit pricey) I stumbled across his website. It’s actually a very nice site, its got a few free recipes, some video and a ton of info. But whats really impressive is that they have a whole community built up round the site with people contributing there own recipe’s or changes to Jamie’s, and they have stories on there too about when they cooked something or the time it went wrong.