Firefox 4

Yesterday I upgraded to the new Firefox 4…

I must say that it does look nicer than the old Firefox, unfortunately a little out of place on my Windows XP desktop but not too bad. Unfortunately it feels very sluggish, switching between tabs is rather slow and so is scrolling in pages. The worst though is that any longish textarea like the comment boxes in Facebook and the WordPress “Add New Post” page is very slow. On some pages I’m able to type about 10x faster than its able to put the characters on the screen.

I’m still not sure if loading of pages is faster and if there is a speed up in the Javascript engine I haven’t noticed it yet.

For the moment I’m going to give Firefox 4 a good chance to redeem its self and use it for a few more days… If I don’t grow to love up I’m switching back to Firefox 3 or moving over to Google Chrome.

Bookmarks for April 21st through April 23rd

These are my links for April 21st through April 23rd:

Bookmarks for March 29th from 13:50 to 14:00

These are my links for March 29th from 13:50 to 14:00:

Bookmark All addon for Firefox

I use Firefox alot, its open all day and by the end of the day I normally have between 20 and 40 tabs open. Often I would like to bookmark the tabs, especially when doing research on stuff, so that I can come back to it later but its often not important that I bookmark it with any kind of description a date is normally more than enough.

Up to now I’ve normally just hit CTRL+SHIFT+D (Bookmark All Tabs) and type in today’s date, this had worked but it is a little cumbersome and sometimes I mis-type the date.

A few days ago I set out to find a plugin that does this or find the info needed to write one, after alot of searching I found a add-on that did exactly what I wanted.

Here is the Addon page on, it’s called “Bookmark All” and allows you to add a button to your bar that basically bookmarks all the currently open tabs under a folder (that you select) with today’s date and time.

Firefox 3.0 – Stop auto hiding the toolbars in full screen mode.

I’m running Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron on my Asus EeePC 2G Surf with Firefox 3.0. The problem I have is that by default in Firefox 3.0 if you fullscreen Firefox (F11) it now auto hides the toolbar and address bar which gets a little annoying if you’re like me and have lots of tabs open or like using the address bar for things alot.

A bit of googling and I found the solution, which I’m writing down here in case I forget it. You need to go to the about:config page in Firefox and change browser.fullscreen.autohide to false. (Just double click it.)

Google Chrome

I’m jumping on the current big “band wagon” and going to review the new web browser on the block, Google Chrome. I’m a long time Firefox user, who’s tried Apple Safari and various other browsers over the years. On my Windows XP machine I mostly use Firefox 3.0 and Apple Safari.

Today I installed the new Google Chrome, after a friend said it was really cool.?

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