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Anyone have any experience with

Anyone have any experience using CSLA.Net ? I’ve seen it being used in the past but more as a Data Access Layer, which is not exactly what it was designed for.

I’m working on a project that would basically envolve creating a bunch of “Business Objects” that do all the heavy lifting that can easily be bound to an user interface. These business objects are not going to be using SQL based data though but rather be talking to an ERP system via a COM/Webservice interface in an xml format.

I want something that allows me to creat an object that I can then define how it should be loaded, saved etc. I would also ideally like to be able to put in validation rules on the properties of the object.

If you have any ideas of frameworks other than CSLA let me know too. Ideally it must support WPF and if at all possible Silverlight.