Notes on getting Motion + MotionEye working with the Aprica CCTV DVR

The web interface on the Aprica CCTV DVR is terrible, it requires a proprietary plugin to view video and doesn’t have many of the features I would like.

In the past I’ve played with MotionEye for recording and managing IP network cameras, MotionEye uses motion in the background to get the video streams from the cameras. Unfortunately motion does not support the RTSP protocol or H264 codec used by the CCTV DVR’s web interface.

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Bookmarks for April 27th through May 7th

These are my links for April 27th through May 7th:

Bookmarks for April 6th through April 12th

These are my links for April 6th through April 12th:

Can you make money with a Social/User generated content Site?

I was reading this article from Slate about user generated content and the cost of running “social” sites or other sites that contain user generated content. I’ve always wondered about the costs of running something like YouTube or Facebook and how exactly do they pay the costs of running the site.

A fun exercise is to take the content that you generate and cost it out, obviously we’re buying bandwidth in small quantities so its going to be expensive, but think about the costs.

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