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nPOP Mail Client

npopI was looking for a mail client that would connect to a POP mail server and pull down the headers and then allow you to delete the messages you no longer wanted straight from the server. (Very useful if you have a giant email cloggy your mail.)

Alot of mail clients will do this, but they’re all rather bloated and need to be installed. Ideally I was looking for something small, that didn’t need to be installed. After a bit of searching I found nPOP, it does exactly what I wanted and has become an extremely useful little mail app. I’ve used it a number of times with my clients who have a habit of receiveing emails with 30mb mail attachements. All the settings are stored in a .ini file in the same folder as the .exe which makes moving it around or carrying it on a memory stick possible.

Works on Windows (including Vista) they also have a pocket pc version which looks interesting.

You can get it here. (Only a 94KB download, works on Windows including Vista.)