What happens when the framework vanishes?

This is a response/comment to Richard’s blog entry about 3 Things to Learn from LINQ to SQL

How many times have you done work based on a particular technology only to have it vanish or be completely incompatible in the next release?

You don’t want to know how many “legacy” apps I have to support that only work in 2003 and .NET 1.1 because the library or two I used is no longer available or is completely in compatible. Continue reading

Java on Pocket PC / Windows Mobile

I need some help, so I’m asking the internets…?

Anyone gotten Java apps to run on PocketPC’s/Windows Mobile devices? I need a minimum of J2ME support (MIDP 2.0) but I would really like some a bit fancier, say with Swing support? Anyone know if this is possible??

I’ve done some searching and so far I haven’t found much online other than people asking the same questions.?

My awesome/crazy idea is to develop a application that runs on desktop machines (Windows, Linux Mac OSX and anything else that’ll run Java) and that will hopefully work on PocketPC’s too with minimal changes. I’m hoping for the mythical… “Compile Once, Run Anywhere” sales pitch that made Java so cool in the beginning.?

So far I’ve found this open source JRE for Pocket PC – Mysaifu JVM but I’m not sure how good it is, I plan on trying it this weekend.

I’ve also heard that there is one by IBM called J9 but that you have to pay for, I’m ideally looking for something that doesn’t cost money, so my future users don’t have to shell out even more cash.

Update: So it turns out after a little searching that PhoneME (a open source project to create a J2ME JVM) is now available on Windows Mobile too. I’ll have to try this one out over the weekend too.