Debugging Crashes and Hangs using Visual Studio

Found this via the “Start Page” in Visual Studio 2008, its a rather interesting blog post by one of the Visual Studio IDE QA Guys.

It goes into a lot of detail on how to debug application crashes and the same process can be used for hanging applications. For me the most interesting part was the “Load from Microsoft Symbol Servers” option when loading symbols, I didn’t know it was possible to get the symbols for Microsoft applications like that.

I’m not sure how often I’m going to need to debug other people’s applications, but it may come in handy next time I get a weird application hang or crash.

Visual Studio 2008 – Custom Tool Error with a Dataset in a Web Project

I’m busy tearing my hair out, I’ve got this problem in Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition (Not sure if it’s SP1 or not.).

I’ve got a web project that I’ve created a dataset in and now want to add a table adapter too, I do this through the web interface and it appears to all work but I get the following error in the “Error List” window and it doesn’t generate any of the code behind the dataset.

Custom tool error: Failed to generate code. Unable to convert input xml file content to a DataSet. Requested value ‘Properties’ was not found. Requested value ‘Properties’ was not found.

The only hints to the fix that I’ve been able to find so far is this forum posting, unfortunately the fixes in the forum doesn’t fix my problem.

Anyone have any suggestions how to fix this problem?